Tri-State Module Streamlines Green Processes

Tri-State Module, the pioneer of “Green” or “Harvested” TV parts, has made stragetic alliances with an local electronics recycler to streamline their processes.  They will send all materials not resold to this ISO 14001:2004 and R2 certified recycler to ensure their processes are the most efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.  Tri-State Module will take TVs that are damaged in shipment/transit (external issues such as cracked screen) and remove the circuit boards for resale as these are good working parts and responsibily recycle the remaining materials.  The process of recycling the remaining materials is where this new alliance becomes key in remaining environmentally friendly and streamlining TSM’s processes.  Tri-State Module was the originating company of harvesting or removing the boards from externally damaged TVs for resale.  There have been many other companies that have since followed in these footsteps.  This industry allows TV repair to be economical.
Tri-State Module | 200 E. Inglefield Rd. | Evansville, IN 47725 | 1(800)203-7484

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