Providing Televisions in Lobbies/Places of Business Improves Revenue

An article by Small Business Trends states that having a television in your place of business has the potential to improve sales.  Televisions won’t improve every type of company but can benefit quite a few if placed in the correct places and is the right size and type for the specific business area.  The types of places where televisions can improve business include Bars/Restaurants (seems obvious, especially sports bars), Offices/Lobbies (makes an office seem up to date), Waiting Rooms (If a doctor, dentist, or whoever is running behind, you can get stuck in those places for hours!), and Exercise/Fitness centers (I know my work outs are more enjoyable if there is a game on in the background).

Photo courtesy of Flickr.

The typical sizes can vary from business to business, for example sports bars should have large televisions all around the bar (50″ or more).  Fitness centers should have a few large televisions mounted in a specific area, and could have smaller screens attached to certain machines could also be a possibility.

Televisions are a fairly cheap way to keep the client/customer happy.  Having entertainment for certain venues (sports bars, fitness centers), and even advertising and PR for other places (offices, lobbies), can greatly affect the client.

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