Tablets and Smartphones Becoming More Important

As smartphones continue to evolve and grow, the amount of people deciding to watch televisions shows also continues to grow.  More and more people are using their phones or tablets to access or catch up on television shows as they are on the go.  Content is becoming more readily available for smartphone users (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon On Demand), allowing the user more opportunity to watch television on their small screen, rather than the television screen.  While we still are watching more shows on television than through digital media such as smartphones, the television landscape is in a huge shift as digital media continues to become available.  Advertisers are looking to get into the digital media market because of this shift.

So how do you like to watch your favorite TV shows?  Do you prefer the standard television, or do you like watching on the go on your phone or tablet?  Perhaps you like to use both, let us know what you prefer.

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2 comments on “Tablets and Smartphones Becoming More Important
  1. Nowadays, smartphones and tablets is an essential to every man. They can do online banking to their phone. instead going to banks and fall in line and wait for a couple of minutes or hours or surf the internet thru their handheld phones.

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