LG OLED Television Sets New Standard

LG has recently come out with a new OLED television.  These OLED televisions were first announced last year.  They have an incredible picture, vibrant colors, no motion blur, and are incredibly thin.  The TV is built to give the viewer the best viewing experience possible.  They are available at Best Buy now.  The Price? A whopping 15,000 dollars.  While this price is high, there will sure to be wealthy individuals willing to splurge on the newest technology in television. However with more companies like Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung getting into the action, the price is sure to drop, as all companies want normal consumers to be able to purchase their product. 

For more information on OLED televisions, TechRadar wrote an informative piece explaining the advantages of an OLED television.

Photo courtesy of LG.com


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