Google unveils Chromecast

Google has now come out with a device called Chromecast.  It is a dongle that plugs into your HDTV, which allows you to view what is on your device, whether it be a phone, tablet or computer.  Its a new way to watch TV.  Google is playing up the functionality of the device and demonstrated the ease of use.  You can easily control what is on your television simply by having control of your phone, computer, or tablet.  This small piece of equipment is just another streaming option that is available and creates yet another way to watch TV.  IT will be interesting to see how much more the technology behind televisions and their capabilities continue to grow, specifically in regards to streaming. 

The device will cost $35, and the functionality can be seen in the commercial below.

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One comment on “Google unveils Chromecast
  1. […] Google, and Sony are all looking to expand in the wireless and cloud based television area.  See Google Chromecast as an example.  The way we watch television is changing, we will have to see which company leads […]

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